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    Exclamation How do you play music on the server? (arcemu)

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    How do you play music on the server? (arcemu)

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    I believe it is .admin playall *ID*.

    I only briefly remember it, I'm still used to .playall ^^

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    kk were u get the id for a song?

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    search ^^ all song id`s maybe ?

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    You can get it from the MPQ files - I'd recommend MyWarcraftStudio to view them.

    Open Locale-enUS in the enUS folder and open "SoundEntries.dbc
    It'll have the ID and the name of the sound.

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    is it supose to be some code or number?

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    ok were am i supose to put the warcraftstudio?

    and does this have id's for real music like Dont Trust Me by 3OH!3

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    No. There is no "real" music like that in WoW. It only contains sounds in the WoW DBC files. For someone on the server to hear the song you'd have to release a patch.

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    there is real music yes.. "power of the horde" search song id`s or lvl70etc and you will find it

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    888 Level up!

    15 DivineShield
    29 Iceblock
    37 Resurrect
    42 Shield Bash
    1435 Dispel magic
    1509 Sleep
    1517 Silence
    10923 Dragon Breath
    Creature Sounds:
    1176-1180 Pigs(Boars)
    1167-1173 Ghost Lady(1170 and 1171 is When she Dies)
    1231-1237,1239-1246 Lion/Tigers(1246 is a Panther)
    11645 Bear
    11463 (Illidan)Akama your duplicity is hardly surprising. I should of slaughtered you and your malformed brethren long ago.
    11464 (Illidan)Boldly said but I remain unconvinced.
    11465 (Illidan)Come my minions, deal with this traitor as he deserves.
    11466 (Illidan)You are not prepared.(!!!!!)
    11467 (Illidan)I can feel your hatred.
    11468 (Illidan)Give into your fear.
    11469 (Illidan)You know nothing of power.
    11470 (Illidan)Feel the hatred of 10,000 years.
    11471 (Illidan)Such arrogance.
    11472 (Illidan)This is to easy.
    11473 (Illidan)Who shall be next to taste my blades?
    11474 (Illidan)You have wasted to much time mortals. Now you shall fall.
    11475 (Illidan)Behold the power of the Demon within.
    11476 (Illidan)Is this it mortals? Is this all the fury you can muster?
    11477 (Illidan)Maiev. How is it even possible?
    11478 (Illidan)You have won ... Maiev , but the huntress is nothing without the hunt. You are nothing without me. (Dies)
    11479 (Illidan)I will not be touched by a rebel such as you.
    11480 (Illidan)Behold the flames of Azzinoth!
    11481 (Illidan)Stare into the eyes of the betrayer.
    1022 Succubus
    11802 MURLOC!!!! Rgrglrgrlgrl
    11389 Shade of Akama
    6179 Night Elf Female /Joke
    5830 (Herod) Aggro
    5831 (Herod) kills
    5832 (Herod) Blades of light
    5833 (Herod) Light give me strength
    414-420 Murloc Fighting Sounds!
    1015 Gnoll Aggro
    11965 (Headless Horseman) Laugh
    11967 (Headless Horseman) Failed(When all of you is dead
    11962 (Headless Horseman) When ONE of you dies!
    11964 (Headless Horseman) He Dies!
    1098-1102 Doomgurd Fight Sounds
    10435-10441 Medivh
    8465-8468 Hakkar
    7894 Human Female Sigh
    7914 Human Male Sigh
    7915 Nightelf Female Sigh
    7916 Nightelf Male Sigh
    7917 Dwarf Female Sigh
    7918 Dwarf Male Sigh
    7919 Gnome Female sigh
    7920 Gnome Male Sigh
    7921 Orc Female Sigh
    7922 Orc Male Sigh
    7923 Troll Female Sigh
    7924 Troll Male Sigh
    7925 Tauren Female Sigh
    7926 Tauren Male Sigh
    7927 Undead Female Sigh
    7928 Undead Male Sigh
    8475 BABY MURLOC
    Weapon Sounds!
    1150 Sword(Without "Splash" Sound)
    1151 Sword(With "Splash" Sound)
    1152 Sword(Without "Splash" Sound)
    1153 Sword And Shield(Block)
    1158 Sword(Hard Hit)
    11897 Whip (Thanks Chrisx)

    Random(Crafting,Talking,Singing and Bags)
    1161 Mount/Crafting
    1164 Crafting/Opening Lockbox
    1165 Mining/Blacksmithing(Crafting)
    1188 Eating(Apple)
    1190 Move Item in Bag(Big item)
    1191 Move Item in Bag(Small Item)
    1199-1207 Diffrent Bag Sounds
    1210 Movie Ring/Neck in Bag(And Equip)
    11673 Gate/Door Opens
    8382 Water (Thanks Chrisx)
    3358 Undead Narration(Creating Character)
    3740 Dwarf Narration(Creating Character)
    3760 Orc Narration(Creating Character)
    3800 Night Elf Narration(Creating Character)
    3840 Human Narration(Creating Character)
    3841 Gnome Narration(Creating Character)
    4080 Troll Narration(Creating Character)
    4122 Tauren Narration(Creating Character)
    9155 Draenei Narration(Creating Character)
    9156 Blood Elf Narration(Creating Character)

    11599 Graveyard(When you are dead)Short Song
    11619 Graveyard(When you are dead)Other Version
    11620 Graveyard(When you are dead)Other Version
    11621 Graveyard(When you are dead)Other Version
    11700 Black Temple-Anguish Walk
    11702 Black Temple-Vigil Walk
    11704 Drums(War Drums)
    11705 Good Music(If you know name... Send it to me)
    11803 L70ETC-For The Horde!
    10162 Black Morass
    9801 Silvermoon City
    9285 Shadowmoon Valley
    9284 Netherstorm
    9012 Nagrand on Day
    9013 Nagrand on Night
    11706 Good Music,Dramatic(If you know name.. .Send to me)
    11707 Music(Sounds a bit like Blood Elf Starter Music)
    11708 Music(Very,Very,Very Dramatic)
    11805 Music(Dwarfish)
    11896 Lament of the highbourne
    11650 Dramatic Music (Thanks to Nums)
    11652 Dramatic Music (Thanks to Nums)
    8233 Warsong and AB(BG)(3 in 1=
    8014 Alterac valley(BG) (2 in 1)


    11748 Druid to Moonkin
    Exclusive 11883-11888 Spectral Tiger!

    11810 Dwarf Brewfest(Thanks to Illidan1)
    11811 Goblin Brewfew(Thanks to Illidan1)

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    Yeah, this is a real music. Thanks for that list, I found each track on YouTube and download this music to my Playlist on the phone. But some I can listen just online like a video. Do you know how to convert video into mp3 format to listen to music offline? Can you recommend me YouTube to mp3pro converter, or any other service? That's would be great.
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