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    Unhappy How to compile 5.4.8 server?

    Hi, I can't compile this https://github.com/k4s1pro/torghast-project-5.4.8 after compiling I have a 13 critical errors and after don't successful compile I opening folder realeases I can only ace.dll, don't compiled a worldserver.exe, authserver.exe, worldserverconf.cfg and authserverconf.cfg, I used programs from archive on GitHub, who can try and tell me how to compile this??

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    Post the error log.

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    Like Splicho said we need to see the log, it's likely that you have the wrong version of a program installed or a path is setup incorrectly though.

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    Most likely you messed up on the instaltion of the programs I would double check that

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    I saw the in errors wrong version, but I downloaded all packets from GitHub, from developer's archive

    - - - Updated - - -

    14>------ Сборка начата: проект: worldserver, Конфигурация: Release x64 ------
    14>Building Custom Rule C:/548/torghast-project-5.4.8/src/server/worldserver/CMakeLists.txt
    14>Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results
    14>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: не удается открыть входной файл "..\shared\Release\shared.lib"
    14>Сборка проекта "worldserver.vcxproj" завершена с ошибкой.
    15>------ Сборка начата: проект: ALL_BUILD, Конфигурация: Release x64 ------
    15>Building Custom Rule C:/548/torghast-project-5.4.8/CMakeLists.txt
    ========== Сборка: успешно: 12, с ошибками: 3, без изменений: 0, пропущено: 0 ==========’’’

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is log on VS



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