I've been dealing with the topic of private servers a lot lately and have tried out a lot. It's going pretty well now, but I'm still fresh on the matter.

Now I wanted to adjust some spells, but couldn't find them in the database. Now I'm one step further and understand that I don't need to change the spells in the database but in the DBC file.

In most cases, a patch for the client would then also be necessary, but there are also some entries that should be changeable in this way. For example the casting times of Skinning, Mining and Herbalism. Or the Hearthstone's cast time.

I used TRX's DBC tool, which I took from a German video. However, if I make even the smallest change, the Word server no longer starts and the following error message appears:

D:\World of Warcraft Privatserver\Source\src\common\DataStores\DBCFileL oader.h:75 in DBCFileLoader::Record::getString ASSERTION FAILED:
stringOffset < file.stringSize

I also noticed that the size of the file has decreased from 47800 KB to around 45000 KB and even if I undo the changes, the world server starts with the same error.

Does anyone have an idea or another program that I can use under Windows?

Thanks to everyone willing to help.