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    Selling My 335 Core

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    Hey guys. I'm selling my 335 core filled with custom features & exclusive scripts.
    The core itself is 2a41755b589f+ 2020-03-19 21:23:35 +0100 (3.3.5 branch), which means it does NOT have SRP6 in it (it uses SHA1 encryption).
    The core itself was adjusted to support 255 funserver without any stat limitations. Obviously, further fixes & enhancements were implemented over time.

    I am selling the core itself along with all the required databases to boot it up properly (world, clear characters, clean auth and all the custom tables required to boot it up properly).

    The core includes built-in Shadowlands icon support and Diablo 3 wings (an unencrypted ~100mb patch is included) and installation support from my end to make sure you get everything setup.

    The core's highlights include the following thread where I sell each feature as a standalone: https://www.ac-web.org/forums/showth...=1#post2388227

    Main features:
    - Obviously, transmogrification
    - Rated & unrated 1v1 arenas
    - Unique killstreak
    - Bounty hunting
    - Black market (players can sell their own [list-permitted] soulbound items to other players)
    - Automated events (100% player-hosted, no GM involvement)
    - Unique world chat
    - Extended teleporter
    - VIP support: VIP for a limited time & exclusive VIP perks in a VIP ecosystem
    - A few dozens scripted NPCs (smartAI & C++)
    - Passive and active anticheats. Look at the video for demonstrations
    - And a lot more

    You must be able to log into my local server to make sure you are satisfied with what you get.
    If you have questions, my Discord is: Dandi#2828

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    Best of luck /vouch! I trust Dandi, he is a good guy and keeps his word.

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    Top developer, you won't be disappointed.

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    /vouch indeed great work!

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    /vouch Dandi is a great guy and definitely keeps his word. Best of luck mate!

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    I can only vouch for him, incredible guy, awesome developer when it comes to custom stuff, get your hands on this while you can!

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Thanks guys!



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