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    There is one which has got more than 15 years.

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    Trying to launch a private server at this day and age requires 0 effort.
    However making it popular is nearly impossible seen so many server been created but bearly have 50+ players.
    Need to had a head start from the beginning i u wanted to have a stable player base or a really unique content.

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    I think about it and I think the reason for its decline is because of division and ideals.

    <Raises arms not hoping to get shot> Hear me out.

    I've noticed a general pattern following in most, if not the majority, of private server/emulator scenes. Now let's put the cat out of the bag here and say 'Most who are stoked to develop that go in do not realize how much time and effort it takes for a private server to go live.'. They think its a walk in the park but its not. The 2nd thing is drama and how it can easily effect a private server but that's all common knowledge here. So let's move on.

    1. I noticed that there are a lot of developers, whether new blood or experienced developers, that are a part of communities that have a lousy and/or lazy hierarchy due to the head honchos. It is not easy to be a developer leader but if you claim or state to be one then lead a project by example, organization, and actually communicate with the members of your staff to accomplish certain goals. Most developer leaders fail to do so and treat a project as 'give me money'. Some even install the donation shop in first before the very heart and soul of the development is even implemented. I often notice that developers, who state they are leaders, have very high experience in developing go inactive, are AFK most of the time hosting the server while claiming they compile all day, are completely apathetic towards the members of their own staff, and/or are simply unresponsive. Half of the time you're clueless what is going on and people just leave, some try again with other communities and leave later if they see this same repeating trend. Some leaders, unfortunately, when you contact me are actually annoyed you're trying to make progress for them.

    2. The community of WoW Emulation Scene sometimes make content that just appears 'Too Custom' for the eyes of the private server scene. They don't balance it out and change so much that those who are nostalgic are thrown off easily or migrate to current popular Blizz-Like servers seeking sanctuary or some other servers to their liking. However, Blizz-Like servers keep throwing people off because they're not offering something new but rather you're just replaying the same old content (the numbers don't lie), over and over, like a record, baby. It's the same thing with what happened to Classic WoW. Nostalrius innovated and stayed true to the original formula. Blizzard throws a ban hammer and releases their own servers but everyone has played the shit-fuck ton out of it that it is now repetitive. It's like spinning in circles. I think the best project that has balanced it out, stayed true to the nostalgia, and also managed to innovate would be Turtle WoW. Both these Blizz-Like Servers didn't have to worry about competition when you're staying true to the original formula and also giving the community something new which most private servers do not.

    3. Most private servers have no clue what they want, how they want it, what their goal is, and so on. Have a goal, stick to it. If you fail, try again. Accept that every member of your team has a role to play, has a role they specialize at, and use/organize these skills to your advantage. Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day. Sometimes the ideas I see that pop up are so ludicrous and/or will clearly visually fail from afar that I am surprised they can't see it for themselves and sometimes I do not. But what I noticed is that people's minds are mostly closed off when it comes to someone pointing out the clear wrongs or negative foreseen outcome that you see is about to happen a mile away. So the members of the staff are like 'fUck that' and just don't communicate. I also met a lot of developers that are so focused on their own ideology and/or ideas that they are just closed off to any other forms of ideas or acceptance of other people's opinions. I, for one, like hearing them out. I know you guys do too.

    4. The most famous quote 'Time's Change' by Garrosh Hellscream applies to the comment made by DarkSoke and it's true. Time's change, so get with the times and either band together or keep divided. Don't look down upon someone just because they have experience in only one form of development, whether it be simple SQL with the database or in-game building. Whether they just be experienced in scripting and database work. There are a lot of things we can do as a community but we must also accept; World of Warcraft is not the greatest MMO in the world anymore and Blizzard Entertainment sucks. Well, Activision... but you get my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyraeus View Post
    I think about it and I think the reason for its decline ...
    Shizz I truly read all of that, congratulations, I couldn't say it any better, since everything you wrote there is entirely true, whether we like it or not. WoW is no longer what it once was; they had to follow the presently boring game pattern of being as idle as possible, and to be honest, most of us have grown up and can't enjoy a game as much as we once could, which is unfortunate on so many levels.

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    1. What is the popularity of current (Emulators, Databases, Patches, Game version)?
    From what I've seen its the same thing from a long time ago, nothing new, just presented in a different way.
    So I would say its pretty poor atm.

    2. How much has Blizzard/Activision cracked down on private servers?
    Not much at all recently. They don't seem to care that much, unless the private server is on the current retail version.

    3. What is the player base like?
    Casual players that don't play as much and have a life, or don't want to invest that much time on a game play private servers.
    But on retail there has been a drop on player base because of the lawsuit going againts Blizzard/Activision.
    So lets say 100% = casual private server players + retail/classic players.
    Overall player base combined is around 50% from what I've seen. In which ~30% are retail players and the other 20% are private server players.



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