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    New to private servers, need a little guidance.

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    Hello folks! I'm unsure if this is in the correct forum or not, but I'm just looking for some guidance.

    In short, I'd like to create a little all-gm shadowlands server for myself and a few friends that has a few features such as;

    Spawning items,

    the ability to make custom phases,

    placing and moving gobjects,

    custom NPC's that can be dressed in armor/outfits,

    the ability to script those NPC's to patrol, perform/loop an emote(like cooking, mining, dancing.) , or have a few dialogue boxes,

    Allied races unlocked from the start.

    Basically an rp sandbox server similar to roleplayheaven or epsilon.

    On top of that, I'd like to be able to run custom files like model edits or texture edits.

    Otherwise I'm not concerned with quests or leveling.

    I am ENTIRELY new to this, so please try to be as detailed as you can.

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    All of it is easy and possible.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Hey there. It sounds like all you'll need is to make a rank with the commands you want and make that rank available to everyone. Or to reduce the amount of steps, you could modify the existing player rank to include the commands you wish them to use. I'm uncertain on the precise structure of shadowlands' database as I'm most experienced with 3.3.5, however, on TrinityCore, this should be done in your 'auth' database.

    Some database table names may vary on your end however the gist of it is you need to get the IDs of the commands you want players to use from the table "rbac_permissions". Once you have a list of these IDs, you must go into "rbac_linked_permissions" and in the column "id", you want to come up with a number (such as 300) and then in the column "linkedId", you'll need to insert one ID from the earlier list of command IDs. You should have an entry for each command linked to the same id (in this example I used ID 300) in rbac_linked_permissions". Next, you'll need to go into "rbac_default_permissions" and where it says "0" for "secId" is most probably your player rank. So either modify the existing player rank or add a new rank by creating a new entry with a new value for column "secId". For this entry, set "permissionId" equal to the same id from "rbac_linked_permissions". In my example, it was 300 so if I was modifying the player's rank, it would be something like: secId = 0 and permissionId = 300. What we've done here so far is attach rank Id 0 to permission 300 and permission 300 is associated with all the commands you've chosen. Finally, you must give the rank to the player (if you modified the default rank (0) then you can skip this final step). Go into "account_access" in the auth DB (all these tables are in the auth DB) and make a new entry. In column "id", insert the account Id and in column "gmlevel", insert the value for "secId" from "rbac_default_permissions".

    I hope I wasn't too confusing in my explanation and provided some support. Best of luck!



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