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    How to Stay Safe - Freelancing Developers

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    Hey everyone. It is far too common for me to see people who make random posts on random accounts that never come back to life where people offer a daily/weekly payment for a long list of tasks, summed up into a negligible price of "$50 per week" for building a server from the ground up.

    I want to write here all that I have learned over time about the best ways to hire freelancers, and how can people with a bit more knowledge about development stay away from such trappy posts.

    For starters, if you want to offer your assistance through the support section of the forum that's amazing and everyone is thankful for that. We've all learned this way, public questions, and public answers. That's incredible!
    HOWEVER, if you want to make some money through it - do it safely, and know your worth.

    A person who gets money for his time, knowledge, assistance, or whatever NOT on a regular basis is a freelancer. Freelancers get paid per task, not per a specific amount of time (unless you do not know your worth or just generally guess your way around). Obviously, I speak about reasonable timeframes.

    If you hire someone for a specific job, be sure you get a price quote after you made sure your freelancer fully understood your requirements, as well as an ETA for this task. Also, I would recommend adding this: straying off the agreed ETA will (naturally?) result in a lower payment. I mean, that is a possibility.. some people just want to spend other people's time I guess.

    Do not ever share your full sourcecode with him, nor grant him access to the VPS or dedicated server if you do not trust him. Leaks are a thing and scammers aren't new in this emulation scene.
    The way I recommend doing it is very simple. You will need a GitHub account and a few important notes: core revision of whichever emulation you are using, database version, and the ability to upload files*.

    When you set up your server, be sure you know your server's revision and database version, and have a default sourcecode and database just in case.
    When you find a freelancer who can accomplish your request, you send him the core revision & database version and let the freelancer do his work locally.
    When the freelancer claims the work is ready, files delivery should occur only AFTER you see his work on his local realm (with your core revision!) and AFTER you've given your notes and issues. Be sure to test this well.
    After you've confirmed this is the final result you want, the delivery should NOT be through GitHub pull request but through manual files delivery where you will alert the freelancer in case you encounter any issue.
    I have never encountered this myself but there can be a few complications with implementing the result if said core files is being adjusted.
    As a side note, I would recommend looking at the code before you implement it, just to make sure there's nothing suspicious going on. Even if you do not understand anything, it's a good way to learn and a good brief scan of the script. Just in case.

    This is great because this way if you ever need something extra from this freelancer, he already has all the info he needs and past experiences = trust, this way you can easily find yourself returning to the same decent freelancer who did what you asked for with no funny business.

    Obviously, you decide how you handle the payment, but I believe a portion before and the remainder after the implementation is more than fair for both sides.

    *I would recommend keeping your DBC, MMAPS, VMAPS & MAPS in a file storage site so you can hasten this process.

    Freelancers who look for their first project - know your worth! You do NOT need to get paid "per week" if you create 1000 new items, script 10 new bosses, and adjust 5 dungeons in a single week! Each task is to be paid AS A STANDALONE! You determine the price based on the amount of time it takes you, obviously. Competition is healthy for the market and for the consumers, but please know your worth and do not be someone's "project manager" and set up an entire server for "$50 a week".

    This is, obviously, how I see things. I might say something you disagree with (and vice versa) and that's okay, but if you know additional, possibly even better methods - let me know as I always strive towards learning more.
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    Although I've never been a freelancer, I appreciate your thoughtful thread. I tip my hat to you, sir.

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    I agree with you, very good post.



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