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    Trinitycore or Azeroth-Core which is better for a 255 server?

    hello, i just did this topic because i wanna hear more opinions about it to take a decision about which core to choose
    i already tried both cores, and i know that both have cons and pros

    Trinity Core: i know that has less bugs, at least on 255, and is more updated

    Azeroth-Core: is more friendly has the advantage of the modules, and i hear that is more stable

    i use trinitycore since 4 years ago, i already have a lot of scripts and enough experience using it and updating it

    and since 1 month ago i'm trying azerothcore for the modules more than anything)
    and i already found some minor issues, like pets doesnt even level up to 255, and talents issues (that i already fixed) and more things that make me insecure about using it, thats why i want more opinions)
    and also for example i wanna know which has less bugs on Instances or Battlegrounds/Arenas, to be more suitable to use it
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