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    PhaseIDs in Parse. ShadowLands

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    Hello all, I'm here today seeking some guidance on my issue with phaseID's in my parse. I get multiple ID's in my sniff eg.
    INSERT INTO `creature` (`guid`, `id`, `map`, `zoneId`, `areaId`, `spawnDifficulties`, `PhaseId`, `PhaseGroup`, `modelid`, `equipment_id`, `position_x`, `position_y`, `position_z`, `orientation`, `spawntimesecs`, `spawndist`, `currentwaypoint`, `curhealth`, `curmana`, `MovementType`, `npcflag`, `unit_flags`, `dynamicflags`, `VerifiedBuild`) VALUES
    (@CGUID+0, 174971, 2175, 10424, 13377, '0', '15284 - 14355 - 15286 - 15514 - 13753 - 14349', 0, 0, 0, -7.19278955459594726, -1.42651879787445068, 9.105858802795410156, 0, 120, 0, 0, 297, 382, 0, 0, 0, 0, 41079) -- 174971 (Area: The North Sea - Difficulty: 0)
    What do I do here to figure this out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    the creature may have appeared in multiple phases

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    ServerToClient: SMSG_PHASE_SHIFT_CHANGE (0x2578) Length: 59 ConnIdx: 1 Time: 11/22/2021 11:34:48.407 Number: 268
    Client: Full: 0x08* Player/0 0S0 Map: 0 (Eastern Kingdoms) Low: 230632626
    PhaseShiftFlags: 24 (Unphased, NoCosmetic)
    PhaseShiftCount: 6
    PersonalGUID: Full: 0x0
    [0] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [0] ID: 13753 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    [1] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [1] ID: 14349 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    [2] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [2] ID: 14355 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    [3] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [3] ID: 15284 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    [4] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [4] ID: 15286 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    [5] PhaseFlags: 1 (Cosmetic)
    [5] ID: 15514 (UsesPlayerCondition, Cosmetic)
    VisibleMapIDsCount: 0
    PreloadMapIDsCount: 0
    UiMapPhaseIDsCount: 4
    [0] UiMapPhaseId: 165
    [1] UiMapPhaseId: 229
    So, do I add a new entry, for every ID, and then for phaseUseFlags, I put 24? Or 1? I'm confused altogether on what to do with all this data, and there's like 0 documentation on this. Ask trinity discord, and they tell you to figure it out yourself. I've spent a whole week doing research, and staring at the source code to try.
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    Coz I dont think that you are going to fix every phased zone, I recommend you to set phaseid=0 in every creature and when you are going to fix any phase zone you can add a new creature with the phase of that zone.

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    Right now, I'm working on Exiles Reach. I would like to script everything as blizzlike as possible, which includes handling phases. As I said I have no clue where the data I have is supposed to go.
    is my Discord, you can add me there if you'd like.

    I did set every creatures from the sniff to PhaseID=0, but then every npc in the area is visible, multiple instances of them.

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    Phasing is the last thing to do in zone, not first.

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    I already set up the quests, the broadcast_texts, and all that, I'm waiting for phases to handle time events, waypoints, spells, SAI, and such.

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    Exiles reach, I got ahold of modoX again, he said that basically you get multiple phases because it’s all the possible phases that creature can be in, and you basically have to find the causation of the phase shift, like quests and stuff, also 0 is an option, just not displayed. So basically I think most of the spawns are 0, but there’s a problem theres like 3 different instances of warlord breka, all with different ids, but can’t be phase 0 because she disappears from the player once a quest is turn in, and then her next entry is spawned, and then she talks to throg and runs up the ship. The only thing I get when she does this, is warlord breka (out of range), and then a new object(creature) is summoned.
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    Yes, that's right. Well, depends on you then.



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