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    Thumbs up Linux Compatability 2-in-1 laptop

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    Hello everyone !

    Im just going to throw it in there xD
    Does anyone know how to fix an issue i have?

    The issue is: I have bought a 2-in-1 360 degree foldable laptop. When i fold the laptop into a tablet, my keyboard and trackpad do not disable automatically and screen rotation isnt working. I have searched google for almost a week now and found nothing. I have also posted on Reddit and someone mentioned how their laptop automatically did it. I messaged them and also replied to their comment and heard nothing back.

    Kernal drivers are up to date.
    Laptop is up to date.
    It is a newer laptop.

    There is nothing else I can figure out...

    I would really appreiciate any suggestions on either fixing this issue, or even a work around, such as Trackpad disable button etc.

    Thank you for taking your time to read!

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    contact the manufacturer

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    Telling us the make and model might help. Saying that you bought a '2-in-1 360 degree foldable laptop' couldn't be more vague when there's so many of those available.

    But if I were to have a guess, I assume it works fine in Windows but doesn't work in Linux? If that's the case, then it's very likely that your Linux distro (or Linux in general) is missing the software/drivers that manage such.

    There might be an open source alternative to the software/driver used, but you'd be better off asking on the Linux forum of your distro, rather than a forum that's completely unrelated to laptops - let alone Linux.

    There's also trusty Google which would likely lead you to the right direction.



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