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    Looking for a dedicated and motivated team for a shadowlands project.

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    As the title already says, I am looking for a dedicated and motivated team for a shadowlands project.

    Any kind of passionate developers are needed. You must willing to work voluntary at first, but you will be paid very good, once the server generates an income.

    To my Person:

    My name is AJ, aka Xangriffin. I think most people know me under this name. I am currently 27 years old and live in Germany.

    I’ve started WoW in WOTLK. I’ve played on every single private server that has some kind of name. I’ve been not only a player, but also a staffmember. I worked for administrative and management positions on one if the biggest private servers out there. Still to this date, i help and provide private servers suggestion and ideas on how to get more players and improve the server overall. Not going to mention any server for obvious reasons.

    I’ve provided more than 3000 spell reports, created the PvP & Weapon Templates for Legion, that only 2 servers currently have, which I gave them. I’m talking about the original ones that blizzard had back in the days on legion, not some custom made ones, that most legion servers use.

    I’ve also designed few realms for servers. Lead an entire QA Team, such as GM Team. I am basically on all-rounder. I have a bit of knowledge everywhere. I’m also excellent on promoting stuff. I am very good and familiar with Instagram and Facebook adds. I exactly know how to promote a project and make it successfully.

    I am more into PvP, than PvE. I am able to provide the 100% original blizzard Formular for any spell in the game. Counting all interactions, modifiers and scenarios. Means, you will do the exact same damage on both servers, if you wear the same gear. This is to 99% not the case on basically any server played.

    I’ve alway wanted to make an own server, but unfortunately I haven’t found the correct team to do so.

    If you ask yourself, why I just don’t join an already existing project? Well. Most projects have a lot of potential, but non of that is really used. It’s most of the time, that the Head Staff does very bad decisions, that I disagree with or that the server in general is just poorly designed.

    I wanna be able to get my ideas and theory’s into a server, rather than helping other servers for free and get them more money.

    I am very optimistic, that with the right team, I can make the biggest private server out there, since I know what most of them lack off and I know what players want. Most servers don’t listen to community and are only driven of making the biggest income.

    Also most of shadowlands servers I’ve seen by now, are all going to fail imo, since they are trying to be „over professional“ or they just lie to the community by claiming they are the most complete shadowlands server out there etc. I guess everyone l knows which server currently is so far ahead of any other shadowlands server out there.

    I am myself not a developer. I just have a lot is insight about promoting/marketing and I have a wide knowledge about the game, specifically about spells, classes and PvP in general. I am also a theocrafter.

    I can theocraft any spell formular blizzard is using, with all its correct coefficients, modifiers, interactions and behaviors. On most server, if you wear the exact same gear as live, with the exact same stats (assuming it’s the same patch) most of the time, the damage or healing isn’t the same, even tho it should be. Problem is, that private servers lack of certain modifiers or using wrong coefficient or not including core passives, mastery/versa not affecting certain spells or they just interact wrong in certain scenarios. That’s also why most private servers are rally unbalanced, because they don’t take the time, nor have the knowledge to do this kind of testest and realize them in the end. Or what many do „hotfix“ and call it for today.

    There’s much more to tell about my person, vision and ideas, but this text is already longer as it should have been.

    Maybe I could interest the one or other developer or motivate to start a new project again. If approach correctly, I am more than optimistic, that it will easily become of the biggest servers out there.

    I know there’s a lot good developers out there, who are not involved in any project right now. Please if you read this. Maybe this could be an opportunity for you.

    Thank you for your attention and please keep this thread out of any negativity.

    Constructive feedback an criticism is always appreciated.

    If you interested, please message me on discord:

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    Best of luck on your endouvers

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    Good luck.

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    Thank you. ��

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    I have made a discord server. Anyone who is interested and wants to join this project, feel free to hop into the discord server and message me, as what position/role you would like to participate.

    Thank you.

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