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    Selling 4.3.4 Core


    I'm offering an old 4.3.4 Core which wasn't maintained since 2015. We have thousands of commits in our git repo. All cataclysm raids are scripted ~80%-100% working in heroic and nhc. (madness of deathwing only nhc).

    We had around 5000 players online at peak and the server ran stable.

    It's some work to get it compiled with newer compilers but I'd invest some time to get it done if someone is interested.

    Of course I can show the repo, commits, proof that I'm the former owner and all other stuff you need to trust in me.

    Please pm me if you're interested and tell me your budget.

    Best regards

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    what is its advantage over emucoach 4.3.4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichellBorsari View Post
    what is its advantage over emucoach 4.3.4?
    Hi, unfortunately I don't know emucoach's core.



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