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    The current state of Ac-Web

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    Hello everyone,

    I am happy to announce that ac-web will be from now on actively moderated again. It hasn't been moderated since quite a time due to the ongoing pandemic and Exiled being inactive because of study. But that should be not be the main context of this today's announcement.

    However, I want to talk to you to inform you about ac-web in its current state, and soon I will hit you up with some more information about what we have planned for the future of ac-web to bring it back to its glory what it was known for. Nonetheless, I think we all know that the forum has been hit by a lot of spambots recently and the forum pages may be fulfilled with those. Of course, I remove those, but I can't look through every topic since it will take forever.

    So please, report anything that doesn't look right to you or that is against our Rules & Guidelines, which you can look up at the following link in case you are still not familiar with them. Rules & Guidelines.

    For the people that are curious about if Jargs is still alive and active, yes he is - As he always was. He might be not that much communicative anymore due to his limited time, but he still cares about ac-web, and therefore he accepted my help as being a Moderator of this forum. So you can be dead sure, that Ac-Web still is in good hands and will not be shutdown in the near future, as we speak of right now.

    Kind regards,
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    Does this mean my many posts, that's been held for moderation will see the light of day?

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    Good stuff

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    Kebab Slicer

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    Let's go, babe

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    The Grand Magi Cat

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    Good stuff, Gratz on moderator

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    Good to hear friend!

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    No spambots forever!

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    Good luck Splicho, i think you're best "Ac-Web" hope so far!

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    Studying and working. Sorry for long moderation times.
    Welcome to the team.

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    I will miss the bots Congratz and best of luck moderating!

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    Great news! Thanks for maintaining Ac-Web with aims of a great community as I've always believed it to be.

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    Da boi is here to finally moderated my 6 year old Threads <3

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    oh god. splicho of all people.

    at least there's an active moderator now I suppose.

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    running amongst ghouls ..

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Noooo, I'm getting banned now! >.< :/

    Jokes man, hehe, congratulations and happy to have you around with the moderation stick in your hands. It'll be indeed great to see AC-Web better than it is right now.



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