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    TrinityCore 335 Is their a way to Reduce the Maximum % of Damage reduction from Armor

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    Hello there, Im wondering if their is a way within the core to change the Damage Reduction on Armor (The Maximum Damage reduce is 75%) if i want to make it lets say 50% instead. is their a way to do it...

    Or can I increase the "Armor" Required to be more in order to reach Damage reduced by 75%?

    I know there is the easy solution by just reduce the armor itself on the items. but it looks weak in a funserver to have low armor on the items xD.

    EDIT: I manage to Lower the Total Armor by Decreasing the armor based on your total Agility & Strength & Intellect:

    value += GetStat(STAT_AGILITY) * -0.012f;
    value += GetStat(STAT_INTELLECT) * -0.012f;
    value += GetStat(STAT_STRENGTH) * -0.012f;
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