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    Question Looking for NPCBots help please.

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    Hi all, im looking for NPCBot help. I hope this in the correct section as im new here...

    Im using TrinityCore 3.3.5 & NPCBots but cant find a way to make a bot attack a target, no command? Also, if a mob attacks me they dont react and attack the mob, is there a setting somewhere?

    If I attack something, then they will jump in and assist, but I want to play healer and direct the bots. Im playing a Priest, with a Warrior "Tank & DPS" and a Rogue "DPS".

    ive been through the manual (Trinity-Bots#npcbot-control-and-usage) so many times. I understand about marking targets with the Icons.

    I have a hotkey for putting an icon on first targets (tank) and an icon on second targets (dps) but nothing happens, I was expecting them to start fighting?

    Ive gone through the "worldserver.conf" and found the area for bots and configs, but all there is, is a choice of what "icon" to use, priorities and nothing much else.

    Ive also tried to find anything about "aggro" "aggressiveness" "defensive" "assist" and many others to try to find where I set bots to protect me when im hit by a mob.

    But I cant find anything close to helping. That manual is extremely specific and doesnt elaborate on some simple but important things, its a shame.

    The reason im asking is I have an EQEMU Everquest bots server and .bot attack is a command to get your bots to attack, this is what I cant work out here for NPCBots.

    Thanks again for any help,

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    Have you made any additional changes to the source?
    What is the NPCBot follow distance?

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    No nothing, I downloaded the TrinityCore with NPCBots incorporated into it.

    Didnt touch the follow distance, I think its 20 by default.

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    Please open an issue here: https://github.com/trickerer/Trinity-Bots/issues

    No need to duplicate the info you put up here. What I want you to include though is:

    1) level, race and class info, as well as what mobs you're tested it on
    2) result of '.list aura' command on you and bot (before you buff them)
    3) result of '.npc info' on your bot
    4) result of '/bonk' on your bot (bottom, the summary)
    5) repository revision you are using

    This is some funky business and I'll need as much info as you can provide to find a reason why this basic thing works for everyone but not for you



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