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    I'm so tired of this gambling.

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    So many different skins that are sold for money.It's like a casino.

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    If you do not like paying for those skins, don't do it, no one said that you actually have to buy them. However, I understand you in a certain way, I mean video games nowadays are actually filled with loot boxes and microtransactions that actually give you a lot of advantages against the opponents. So basically, video games are kind of a gamble nowadays, and that annoys me as well, despite the fact that I like gambling. I do consider that the developers just do not care about the customers anymore, and this is a very terrible treatment of the gamers. And it is kind of a gamble, as you do not know what are you going to get. I mean, dude, if I really want to gamble, I am going to play some poker or blackjack on some online platforms. As I said, I am a big fan of gambling actually, and mostly I am doing it on https://lambo2btc.com/ethereum_casino as it is the best crypto gambling website.
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    It seems to me that most people like casinos these days. Because they are a place where you can really relax while playing. I like the Betsofa casino site. You can also visit it and play a few games there. There are a lot of interesting slots on the casino site and it only takes a few minutes to register.
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    I am on the same page



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