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    Arrow Critical-Wow New Server/Project 3.3.5a Looking For Gm's/Admins/Testers, etc !

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    Critical-WoW is a 3.3.5 custom server, with a bunch of new features. We are currently getting close to release, and in dire need of new GM's. If you are willing to be part of the team, join our discord and feel free to apply.

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.
    Have a wonderful day, and to those who applied, good luck!
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    Thank you ! Don't be shy, step right up !

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    Not interested sorry, just one more blizlike private server on woltk expansion, there are so many already, there is so much to be done on blizlike servers and yet everyone does the same, gl!

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    To make a new project, start with Pandaria
    335 there are thousands already

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    Lol, yea , after 3.3.5a they kinda screwed it up...but again it's just my thought. Thanks for the comments.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Bump, server's almost done (It's up and running, website works with almost everything included) Still need Testers/Gm's, Admins. I have Web Developers and whatnot.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Up, alot of new updates, armory, webshop, quests, etcetera, waiting for you on discord !

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    Great work on the server so far! You can tell the amount of effort and determination put into the project just to make players have a better experience. There are many updates since they listen and take note of all the feedbacks we give. The future of the server looks very promising!

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    Update -> Little info about us !

    Hello ladies and gents, this is a short presentation of what our server tries to deliver, and hopefully succeeds. The server has the following rates and changes:
    The Server And the Website : ->
    - Players start normal at level 1 , but with 100 gold and no restriction to chat.
    - Welcome Hero Quest -> To help you on your travels (Gold + Bags).
    - Rates are X2 - X3 on almost everything including gold, skill chances, drop , quests, discovery, honor, etcetera.
    - Main professions - X4 (Each player can have up to 4 main professions)
    - BG's/Dungeons/Raids work almost at full power (minor bugs as normal, still fixing).
    - Cross-Faction for Trades, Dungeons, Guilds, Parties, etcetera.
    - Instant Flying (traveling with taxi's) + all travel locations discovered.
    - Daily/Weekly/Monthly Quests and Events with hundreds of goodies for players, including pets, mounts, items (collectables), gold, level, etcetera.
    - AHBot aswell with hundreds of items.
    - Full Support almost 24/7 (Still looking for capable staff).
    - Our website includes things like : Voting panel, webshop (buy items with voting points or donor), armory, character tools (appearance, name change, etc), Teleport to Locations (Main cities and more), etcetera.
    - Discord Server with everything that players needs !
    - To be added soon : Transmog vendor/npc (allows people to change item displays with other items), new daily and weekly quests, updates regarding existing bugs/fixes, etcetera.
    FYI Nothing works 100% so be aware for bugs and glitches and whatnot and please do report them so our staff can try to fix such things

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    Nice work, i've been helping his community with this project since he started. We want to make this project bigger.
    Everyone is welcomed.
    Till now what i can say is, i am proud about this project and about this community.

    There are more stuffs inc. So stay close.

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    Up , still looking for staff ! Gm's mainly.

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    Definitely looking forward to future updates and fun new events!

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    Up still looking for staff, got web dev, sql dev, need Gm's and more. Waiting on discord https://discord.gg/7CkxeS5A or www.critical-wow.com :!

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    running amongst ghouls ..

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    Thinking in assembly, dreaming in symbols, talking in API, living in real time.
    Are you looking for developers?

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    Hello there, well we have a SQL And C++ dev and a web dev...Not really for devs, but everybody is welcomed to our team, assuming you need to get paid right away then no...Feel free to come talk to me on discord. The Developers we have right now don't get paid (They are pro's) until we get right population, and they are fine with it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Up, up.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Server is great so far! Very few bugs while questing.



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