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    WoWPortal - True Funserver PVE/PVP is now open!

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    Hello Ac-Web!

    WoWPortal has opened a Funserver, you heard me! Finally an amazing Funserver where you can do so much and have so many possibilities and features that you will embark on a journey like no OTHER!

    And before you ask it is NOT 255 Level Server! This is a TRUE FUNSERVER !! Away it should be!!

    When you start you have access to Heirlooms and starter mount and teleport stone to level your character to 80, since the experience rates are x5 and professions x7 (3 main professions per character) and the fact you can Solo Any dungeon/raid you will get to 80 very quick!

    You can then go to the mall and get free tier sets up until Tier 8, Get armor and weapons and get straight to BUSINESS!!

    Every hour you spend online you get rewarded with Activity Badges, which can be spent on Instance Resets, Character Services, Currency Exchange, Transmog Tokens and much much more.

    Choose your favorite Race/Class or even play Allied Races like Nightborne and Pandaren or select from 12 other races! Custom Races work 100%, bug free, you will have major fun playing custom races!.

    If you want to PVE then you can conquer Dungeons & Raids in a scaled group setting, you can venture in to 10 Man Raids with 5 People and so 25 Man Raids in solo mode and mash through all the Bosses and encounters like a BOSS!!

    In addition to Scaling System you have access to a Reforge System where you can create your own Hybrid Stats, make your character away you want, chose the stats you want this will allow you to get your character ready for Solo Mode. Use Dungeon Finder in Solo Mode as well, you will get rewards from using the system and doing your Heroic Dungeons.

    All Raids/Dungeons are scripted without any bugs or glitches and will allow you to experience the game as it should be.

    Want to chose a PVP approach? Go to the mall and grab free Season 6 Sets and Weapons!

    Use features like Arena Solo Queue, 2v2/3v3 Solo Queue, Normal Arenas, Mercenary Mode Battleground System and Challenge Mode System. Server is 100% Crossfaction, that includes Auction House, Guilds, Raids, Battlegrounds.

    Necro Cards System, you do any quest in world and you collect cards that you can exchange for Shadowlands Mounts, Sets, Unlimited Food Items, Glyphs and much more.

    Want to battle some Custom Bosses? Sure, why not let's do this:

    World Bosses , custom coded with complex mechanics, each World Boss has at least 10 phases with over 900+ lines of code. Each Boss has it own loot table and it's own World Glory mechanic, every time you kill a World Boss it re spawns stronger, with better loot table. These are not your regular Custom Bosses, each boss comes with very complex mechanics, that evolves and changes it's phases depending on the group/raid it faces.

    Custom Boss System
    The loot table from our World Glory system consists of:

    Transmogrification Tokens
    Emblems of Frost
    Custom Mounts and Pets
    Craft Tokens and Activity Tokens
    The loot table from our World Glory system | phase 2 consists of:
    All of the above
    Heroic Weapons and Gear
    Flying in Azeroth Custom Mounts
    Premium Tokens

    Transmogrification Items:
    Most Sophisticated Transmog System! Over 5000+ Retro Ported Items:

    Legion Artifact System
    Legion Mythic, Recolors
    Legion Animated Items
    The Mage Tower Challenge
    MOP Challenge Mode Tier
    BFA/WOD Tier Sets
    Complete Collection of Tier 12-Tier 21
    Cataclysm Weapons and Tier Sets
    All PVP Seasons including Tyrannical
    MOP Cloaks with Effects
    Custom Diablo Wings
    Custom Ported Shaman Totems
    Every Single Creature in world is set to Legion/Shadowlands models
    Druid Forms remake - Legion/Zandalari forms
    Warlock Pets - Legion
    Hunter Pets - Legion/BFA
    Custom Mounts from every single expansion
    Flying in Azeroth Mounts


    To create your in-game Account:


    Discord Server:


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    Good start guys and marketing, but not many enthusiasts at this Forum.

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    I think that everything is going well guys.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    A TRUE FUNSERVER which is 3x? Are you shitting me? it's just fancy stuff from other expansions that makes you wanna try it. However since it's a 3x and a TRUE FUNSERVER i think i pass.

    a funserver is all about being max level and having yourself go through custom dungeons/raids/bosses, not the same shit you can do on any server that is. Nothing unique here that states it "TRUE FUNSERVER", cause you lack 90% of what should be in one!

    Wish you best of luck!




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