Celestial-wow is an up and coming 7.3.5 Legion project driven by the passion our team members and community have for the Legion expansion. In this post a bit of detail about the project will be presented.

The project is hosted in Europe - Germany.

First and foremost, the realm experience rates: x1 and will see xp boost weekends. You will be able to enjoy these rates from Friday evenings until early Monday mornings (Server time)

Furthermore, we aim to keep the server blizzlike as far as possible so everyone can enjoy the Legion experience fully as close as it can be to the retail experience. We are inviting anyone and everyone to come and test and help us find bugs.

Tester accounts will be rewarded, with rewards to be confirmed and disclosed at a later date.

Server content will be released progressively so players can experience Legion fully upon launch. Realm firsts will also be up for grabs.

The server shop will have no pay to win items ie. gear etc, you will only be able to buy vanity items and character services.

All of our team members have a good few years emulation experience behind their names, feel free to visit our Discord and have a chat with them.

Celestial-wow welcomes any and all who would like to join the project and see it grow.

If like what you have read and would like to join our Discord server, follow the link and we'll see you there.

Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you around. Celestial-wow team.

Discord: https://discord.gg/9mjVnYt4rW