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    World of Warcraft Server

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    New Blizzlike has been opened. Wintergrasp realm offers a x7 experience rat, x7 rates for gold and 3x weapon skills, profession and reputation. One of the most populated servers available.
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    It's loading very hard and one question tho`
    Why are you using bots?

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    By the way - Why YOU have used PHOTOSHOP - to demolish and ban our server from this Forum. I think that we will have a lot of haters now, because we taking players from other server and it is base reason.

    But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for SUGGESTION, we don't have enough money to use them. As YOU can see we are independent server and have only donation system and very low income. Now we use only our sources to lead and keep alive server. We are not WARMANE, UNLIMITED, RETRO or WOWMANIA. We do not have hundreds thousand for bots. We have only few hundred friend who play on our server. Thank you in advance for YOUR donation from YoU.
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    Man are you high or something?
    First - these are snapshots, not photoshop.
    Second - Donations? I won't donate for anything like that.

    Third - Delete your stupid server even if you are alike.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you very much for good advice, SIR. Everyone has measured others with their own measurement.

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    By the way it is very good advertisement for server, the most viewed post at this part of Forum, nice work. Without money so Long discussion on one new server. Congratulations. Everyone wants to see this server. As I saw and try fine one. I do not know what has happened but GUYS, I see only picture. As I know servers, there are so much hate, that everyone write what he want, that's all.
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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    WOW real WoW



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