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    Talk to me about micro cement worktops please

    Evenin all. Iím redoing the kitchen. Wife wants microcement kitchen units and worktops where one (me) has to construct a kitchen carcass from OSB or melamine and then skim it with a special concrete based substance. Itís well within my level of building competence but I have some reservations about its durability and general fitness for purpose. Granted it looks quite nice but has anyone used it? Itís apparently quite good (based on what sheís showed me on InstagramÖ) but Iím worried about it chipping then water getting in and the whole thing delaminating. Any experiences will be most gratefully received.

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    Concrete counter tops can look amazing. As I'm sure you know, its very hard and tough and will stand up well to a busy kitchen environment. It's heat resistant to very high temps and generally won't scratch. Although remember if anything falls on it - such as glass or china - these things are likely to break on such a hard surface.

    I think it would be very tricky to DIY unless you are highly skilled or very lucky! I would get some professional quotes as there are various processes to consider.

    Also it will need a level of maintenance as must be properly sealed from the start and re sealed every couple of years - when not sealed it is more likely to stain.



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