Hi all!

Github: https://github.com/c-arcemu/continued-arcemu

Anyone that wants to contribute or help open pull requests just a side project for fun we all know trinity is miles and miles ahead of Arcemu but this is just for fun and little fixes here and there setup is simple all you need is VS 2017 C++ and cmake.

Visual Studio 2017 with C++ development

After installing everything, clone the git above at github.
1. Open smartgit and click Repository -> Clone
2. Click option Remote Repository the link should be https://github.com/c-arcemu/continued-arcemu
3. After the cloning is done open Cmake
4. Once in Cmake the first box "Where is Source Code" click browse source and point it to the cloned folder then cmake folder inside of it.
5. "Where to build binaries" click Browse Build make a new folder called continued-arcemu-build.
6. Click generate and select Visual Studio 15 2017 then click configure afterwards.
7. open up folder continued-arcemu-build and open up arcemu.sln with VS 2017.
8. Compile it and your binary files will be in the bin folder.
9. Setup database information in sql folders and start the server up.