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    Question Custom content on 3.3.5

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    Hi everyone !

    I would like to start a custom project with WotLK (3.3.5). This project aims to introduce new (modified) extensions and updates. (exemple : Mists of Pandaria = The Rise of Sha).

    Also, I don't have any experience in modding. Any. It's my debut.
    So I would have questions to make sure that everything is feasible and modifiable.

    I would like to :
    - change login screen + music
    - change interface
    - import and edit map (retro-porting to Cata - SL).
    - import (and edit ?) gameobject (retro-porting to Cata - SL)
    - import element of decor (trees, fel fire, house, dark portal, etc.)"
    - new map (by me)
    - new visual spell effect (WoD, Legion, BfA and SL)
    - import spell / spell effect from WoD, Legion, Bfa and SL.
    - new model HD (retro-porting to Cata - SL)
    - new textures
    - new dungeon/raid (real instance with group)
    - import and add music for zone
    - import and add sky
    - create and import map user in-game
    - etc.

    and why not add SSAO (ambient occlusion, depth of field, ...) if it's possible :T

    Do you have any video tutorials? Some things to start the easiest ? (textures, import map, ...)

    Is version 3.3.5 really changeable at will ? I would like to open this project to interested people later on, but I would like to learn a little bit first and know what I am going to do.

    Thanks xx
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    First of all I recommend you take a look at Trinitycore forums in order to compile your own core. Most of what you specified needs you to work with the client. Custom zones, custom items, new maps, etc. all are doable and I recommend you to take a look at tutorials over Model Changing.



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