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    When You will be more than 60 You will understand.

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    Youngs like other than MATUZALEMS.
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    There are around 4-5 good ones. Everyone chose 3.3.5 servers because it has been the best version of WoW.

    1. two servers unlimited-wow.com and retrowow.gg. Owner have few ranking pages topg, xtremetop100, topgamesites and few forums like dkpminus - of course there are on first places. It is copy from few servers like HW, CW and Warmane - the most popular.

    2 Wowmania.com - probably the same owner, but good serwer. They will ban you for commenting on ANYTHING that is not game-related. Mass-banning people for nothing, just because a GM (lol) has a bad day.

    3. Warmane.com - the most popular one with huge population. I played ther for long time, but it is not balanced and I stopped playing. read some opinions about them. The choice is Yours.

    4. and for the dessert the oldest and already cult is Heroes-wow.com, most of paleyers knew it, there are different opinion, but for me is the most stable and trust one, they ban very offten when somene cheats. All of custom servers imitate what they have introduced, most of custom servers are their next copy.

    There are some custom servers with few versions but with small amount of players like EoG, they had tried to put all versions of WoW together - it is nearly impossible, but they done. They have to do a lot of work to finish that server, but I admire them for such work. Server is based on 3.3.5.

    There are the guys on the forum, who played Wow since 90-ties. They are very fine story teller. I think that all of them can advice what is the best for the start.

    I do not want to be story teller and I have to stop. Good advice - try few servers and choose, everyone have one's own opinion, it's a matter of taste.

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    Lots but you can try your own to find the better for you.

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    Have You found something? keep trying - like Shade

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    This is what I need



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