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    Eluna help with RegisterGameObjectGossipEvent!

    Hey beautiful community,

    I've been stuck on this script that I've been trying to work on. Basically what I'm trying to do is add an item to the player who interacts (i believe thats gossip) with the gameobject. However, nothing happens when the gobj is clicked. My code is as follows:

    local QuestId = 77831
    local function OnGobjSelect(event, player, object)
        hasQuest = player:HasQuest(77831)
        if (hasQuest == true) then
            object:SendUnitEmote("Successful.", player)
            player:AddItem(100168, 1)
    RegisterGameObjectGossipEvent(2082, 1, OnGobjSelect)
    I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with this because I do not understand the events on the Wiki for Method Global:RegisterGameObjectGossipEvent. I'm also a newbie in LUA, so I apologize if this is something simple!

    Have a good one.

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    No errors in worldserver, either ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0Voltage View Post
    No errors in worldserver, either ?
    Nope, no errors! Sorry for the late reply.



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