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    Exclamation Need help with the .learn all Languages command

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    I have a Trinity Core 3.3.5a repack and when I execute the .Learn all Lang command all I get is two additional languages: Titan and Draconic. After that I get the "You cannot speak that language" message when I try to type anything. Any ideas on what might be going on?


    I found a post that presented a solution by creating a macros and having it run the below code. It's a great quick band-aid to apply, but it doesn't fix the issue. I still need help determining the issue and resolve it.

    /run if( ChatFrame1.editBox.language==GetLanguageByIndex(1) )then ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(2)e lse ChatFrame1.editBox.language=GetLanguageByIndex(1) end;
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    I'm not sure how active this project is and I wish that I knew more so that I can help. I wanted to let you know that I've been experiencing the same issue. I ran the .Learn all Languages command and the character lost all the languages except Titan and Draconic. I used to the band-aid that you share and it works, but I have to apply it every time I start using the character. I will monitor this thread for updates and solutions.


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    It is nice to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I've been doing research on the internet to see if there is more information leading to a fix, but no luck thus far. I was hoping to hear from someone more experienced than I, but no luck there either. I joined the Discord channel in hopes to get help, but I've hit the tri-fecta. I'm still hopefull that someone will share a solution. Let me know if you find anything...



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