Inspired by Diablo II

Though I'm mostly known for making ridiculous AI, sometimes I get other crazy ideas too. This is The Countess predecessor, the one which invented runes magic (or something along those lines, make it up yourself).

The whole idea is built around drawing runes, and there are a lot of them. So, replayability is pretty good, for WoW boss anyways.

  • boss: The Duchess, lvl 83+
  • instance difficulty: 10 man
  • boss encounter type: tank&spank / survival
  • boss difficulty: from not that difficult to nearly impossible
  • amount of RNG: a lot

Features / info:
  • players have to draw a rune patterns periodically
  • AoE effects from 33 runes, negative for players, positive for boss
  • 39 runewords (if you are unlucky)
  • constant AoE damage threat
  • total new spells: 140+
  • rows of code: 3k

When you don't know what you're doing

If you're trying to be safer

All recorded with NPCBots.

Have questions? Discord: trickerer#4564