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    how 2 create new items plz?

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    hi, guys, im new here. how 2 create new items that doesnt exist in dbc plz?

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    Wrong section, this section is tutorials for mangos. But i can help you to explain, most likely you are using TrinityCore 3.3.5a so in this case you need a database editor like HeidiSQL. Login to the database, if you dont know username/password check worldserver.conf and you should find it there, Most likely its either username: trinity, password: trinity or it can also be username: root, password: ascent. That is the most common logins... But anyway when you are inside the database you open World Database and inside there you have a table called item_template. Create a new row in item_template and write a unique entry ID. To be sure you have a unique entry i recommend you take a high number like "10000000" then choose class ID if you wanna make armor its class 4 if you wanna make weapon its class 2 then choose if you want cloth or leather or mail or plate, lets use cloth so in subclass you write 1 then choose a name and a displayID then you also need to decide what kind of item you wanna make if you want head or chest or gloves or whatever. But in this example lets make gloves. For gloves you need inventoryType 10. To find ID's like InventoryType 10 for gloves you need to check the wiki page. Search on google for TrinityCore wiki im too lazy to link it. but this is all you need for creating an item. but this item has no stats or anything. So go on the wiki and look up stat_type id's I believe stat_type 38 is for attack power and 45 is for Spell Power and 36 is for Haste Rating and so on. But easier to find it all on the wiki. I can sit and explain how to make an item for 10 hours, but this should give you some base information. To learn more you need to check the wiki



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