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    Arrow FusionGEN install error

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    Sry for the stupid post but...
    I successfully installed FusionGEN and i was able to see the online player and stuff, but as soon i tried to login or register ti the server i got this error :

    "A Database Error Occurred
    Error Number: 1054

    Unknown column 'sha_pass_hash' in 'field list'

    SELECT id id, username username, sha_pass_hash password, email email, joindate joindate, last_ip last_ip, last_login last_login, expansion expansion FROM account WHERE username = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'

    Filename: C:\xampp\htdocs\wow\public\fusion\system\database\ DB_driver.php

    Line Number: 328"

    Any idea what did i miss ?

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    You are using the Master Branch which uses SHA_PASS_HASH. When you should be using the MasterSRP6 Branch.

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    I tested it, i was able to create and login in my account, but there is still some strange errors .
    For example i cannot se my characters inventory

    "A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Notice

    Message: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool

    Filename: controllers/character.php

    Line Number: 178"
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    Please fill in the following format

    Current issue encountering:

    MySQL Version:
    PHP Version:
    Webhost or Xampp(ETC):
    Latest FGEN Version (Yes/No): Yes
    Which branch (Master / SRP6): SRP6

    Please fill out the remaining questions.

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    MySQL Version:5.6.28
    PHP Version: 7.4.13
    Webhost or Xampp(ETC): Xampp 3.2.4
    Latest FGEN Version (Yes/No): Yes
    Which branch (Master / SRP6): SRP6

    And there is another strange error.
    When i try to send some items via the vote point shop, at the end it gives me an error :
    Something went wrong! An administrator has been noticed and will send your order as soon as possible.

    Syntax: .send items #playername "#subject" "#text" itemid1[:count1] itemid2[:count2] ... itemidN[:countN] Send a mail to a player. Subject and mail text must be in "". If for itemid not provided related count values then expected 1, if count > max items in stack then items will be send in required amount stacks. All stacks amount in mail limited to 12.

    I im using the SOAP option and everything is configured ok, the account is with the right privileges .

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    MySQL Version: 5.5.9
    PHP Version: 7.2
    Webhost or Xampp(ETC): OpenServer 5.3.7
    Latest FGEN Version (Yes/No): Yes
    Which branch (Master / SRP6): SRP6

    Hi, after installation gave this:

    The entered emulator (trinity_soap) doesn't exist in application/emulators/

    PS: FIX
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    PHP Code:
    $this->send(".send mail ".$character." \"".$subject."\" \"".$body."\"");

    $this->send("send items ".$character." \"".$subject."\" \"".$body."\"".$item_command[$i]); 
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    Where should i put this ?



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