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    Question [Help Request] Quest will not reward Talent Points?

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    Hello Ac-Web community,

    I am working on a instant 80 fun server, and have a quest that rewards the player with Talent Points when completed.
    The quest line is very simple and to the point, works fine and even tells you in text: Rewarded with (X Amount) of talent points.
    Although following that, there is no talents added.

    Question: How do I allow for around 200-250 talent points at level 80? I want them to be rewarded through grinding quest, rather than instantly given.

    Fix idea: I thought maybe setting my level down to 70 would work, this still left me sitting at only 61 talent points left, ended up not working.

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    you can't just add talent points unles you increase the level cap because base talent points calculation is PLAYER_LEVEL - 9

    you can make your own calculation going in Player.cpp

    find uint32 Player::CalculateTalentPoints() const

    i think just commenting if(talentpointsforlevel > base_talent) etc etc should do the trick

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    Thank you, I found a forum within AC-web that told me to add this within the lines of it, and then re-compiled but didn't seem to make a difference. But here is what I have as of now, Just need to modify it when I understand it.

    uint32 Player::CalculateTalentsPoints() const
    uint32 base_talent = GetLevel() < 10 ? 0 : GetLevel()-9;

    if (GetClass() != CLASS_DEATH_KNIGHT || GetMapId() != 609)
    return uint32(base_talent * sWorld->getRate(RATE_TALENT));

    uint32 talentPointsForLevel = GetLevel() < 56 ? 0 : GetLevel() - 55;
    talentPointsForLevel += m_questRewardTalentCount;

    if (talentPointsForLevel > base_talent)
    talentPointsForLevel = base_talent;

    return uint32(talentPointsForLevel * sWorld->getRate(RATE_TALENT));
    base_talent += m_questRewardTalentCount;

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    you'll have to trace the root right click on CalculateTalentsPoints and select "Find All References" try to understand how talent system works, CalculateTalentsPoints seem to trigger when leveling up

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    Really appreciate you taking the time to respond and point me in the right direction! Many many thanks to you Darksoke!



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