WoW-Hellgarve: Shadowlands (PTR)
Website :
Discord Link

Version: 9.0.2
Exp Rates: 3x
Active Staff/GMs
SoloCraft: Temporary enabled with many other added features untill official release date
Class Spells being worked on: 90% completed and working
Most Dungeons/Raids: Working for Solocraft
Auction House: scripted
All battlegrounds/arenas are working
All flight paths: unlocked with instant flight
No custom content on release date
Thousands working quests
Anticheat system Working
Stable core

We have Active Developers that are working around the clock 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week to give us the best release possible
our main goal is to open Shadowlands within a week or two (hopefully earlier) if we can finish off the last map
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be part of a Community we also have a active discord page with active Staff if u have any questions feel free to contact one of us.

Lets make 2021 a year to remember Thanks for reading
Regards Site Admin HolyDeeW
Dev Team/Site Crew/Gm's/Discord staff.