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    AstoriaCore Release - 3.3.5a Classless Source! | Open Source!

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    AstoriaCore is a World of Warcraft 3.3.5a Source built and edited to a Classless Gameplay Version of World of Warcraft!
    With AstoriaCore you have the perfect base for your Classless World of Warcraft Server. We released our WHOLE Source
    with all custom Scripts, Graphics, DBC work, Interface work etc.

    Hey Friends,
    some of you may know me and my Project "Project Astoria" which sadly closed some months ago. Here I am again, releasing the whole Source of our Classless Project for all of you on Github! With this Source you can build your own Classless World of Warcraft Server in no time! <3

    AstoriaCore Website: http://playastoria.cc/
    AstoriaCore Github: https://github.com/AstoriaCore
    AstoriaCore Discord: https://discord.com/invite/wvDYdqX

    We just released the AzerothCore Version of our Classless Source a few Minutes ago with all our custom LUA Scripts, Core Scripts, DBC work, Interface & Graphic work! ❤️
    The TrinityCore Version (well and far more custom Scripts) will be released in Feburary!

    Here is a list of what custom Scripts the TC Version will have:
    - High Risk System (selfcoded)
    - Prestige System (selfcoded)
    - Classless System (OS & selfcoded)
    - Book of Ancient Knowledge (selfcoded)
    - NPC Rate Manager (selfcoded)
    - GM Command Logger (selfcoded, WIP)
    - Racial Picking System (selfcoded)
    - Transmogrification (Rochet2's)
    - ELUNA LUA Engine (Rochet2's)
    All the above mentioned Scripts will get released for all of you, 100% free. You can edit, use and work with them as you want!❤️

    ~ Lushen

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    What's the classless means, would you please be able if you have time to share a video or something like that? Other than that great work.

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    So sad seeing this post is missing credits

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    Looks beautiful.

    leads to a 404 paage missing.

    Please include playerbots!

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    reupload the files pls. Scripts and map files are not on the downloads.. ;(



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