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    How to improve a house to have more income from selling it

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    Good afternoon! I have an old house in the UK from my grandmother. Now I live in Germany, so I do not really need it. I am going to sell it, but the condition is not perfect. What do you think I should do with that to make it more valuable. I am thinking about its renovation and a security system installation. I know that Ajax company offers a professional security system that does not cost a lot now. I have studied that product, and it seems their prices will increase soon due to the high demand. They produce a modern professional product. People will be changing their old-fashioned home security systems to new ones. Am I right? Is it a good investment?

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    MarkUltra, good evening! Well, I strongly recommend you to think about various types of the insulation, for example roof one. You can easily do everything on your own, so it won't be too expensive. You can order everything here on https://insulationwholesale.co.uk/in...of-insulation/ and if you don't understand something, how to install or something of the kind, you can easily ask me here or ask the experts on their resource right there. I hope that my post was useful for you here... Good luck.
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    When I made repairs before selling, I replaced all the doors to make them more attractive to people. I was helped to improve my knowledge at https://davidicke.com/2020/07/29/how...rt-lauderdale/. Sliding doors have become a very popular choice for many homeowners, which means they are used multiple times a day. At some point, they fail and repair is required. Because you value your home, you only need the very best to renovate your sliding door.
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    Just paint it and fix any visible damage, that's it hehe

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    These comments are really useful. Besides, I also think that some lawn mowers can help you to clean your house really fast. Here on https://cleanup.expert/robot-lawn-mowers/ you may read an article about it if you are interested. It's really convenient as these robots will do everything on their own.
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    Make a small renovation. Add some colors, with pictures, small pillows, and blankets.
    Take a look at the photos of properties on real estate agency websites. Check playarealestategroup.com. Photos look stunning. Make some professional photos of your property, edit them and post them on different platforms. Make people want your house, add a small story to your description. People love history, so use it as a benefit when selling your old house. Anyways you will have to invest in your property a bit if you want to sell it for a better price.
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    frankly speaking I don't think that helps to have more income from selling

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    I had a problem with the refrigerator. And when I saw the prices for the new one, I was shocked. So I started looking for a good company that can repair my old one. I found the company Commercial Refrigeration Service in California on the Internet, which quickly and qualitatively repaired me and gave me a small discount, so that, as a pleasant surprise, the refrigerator now works like a clock. thank them very much.
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    Hi MarkUltra if you have some money to invest in the improvement of your house, why don't you invest it in installing a security surveillance system (CCTV) cameras with AJAX system, I did that to some warehouses I own so when I rent them I can rise the prices above the regular market because other warehouses in the area don't offer you this extra security, this worked for me and now I am a proud owner and keep renting some warehouses, maybe you guys could try investing in this for a quick profit!



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