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    Thumbs up Earn money as you play the game!!!!!

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    Hyperion 3.3.5: Greetings Heroes!
    Wrath of Hyperion presents a new way of playing in which you will be able to earn real life money!
    We're currently implementing a new in-game currency called "Coin of Wealth".
    These coins can either be redeemed for real life money through PayPal or traded to other players in return for items and other goodies as well as redeemed for donation points which you can spend on our website!

    Coins Info
    There are 3 types of coins and they all have their own value:
    - [Copper Coin of Wealth] is the most common one and has the lowest value of $0.001
    - [Silver Coin of Wealth] is a less common one and has a medium value of $0.01
    - [Gold Coin of Wealth] is the rarest of them all and has a value of $1.00

    Q: Where can we obtain these coins?
    A: Coins can be obtained by doing anything in the game, literally. The hardest the content the more coins you will get but also there is a super low chance to get expensive coins while doing the easiest stuff like questing. Each completed quest has a 80% chance to drop x1-5 copper coins, 0.001% chance to drop silver coins and 0.00001% to drop a gold coin. Drop chances increase with harder content.

    Q: How can we redeem these coins for real life money?
    A: You will be able to submit a redeem form on our website, discord or in-game in which you will be asked to provide the required information in order to claim your money. Only supported payout platform/method is PayPal at the moment.

    Q: Can we trade the coins to other players?
    A: Absolutely! Coins can be used as a new currency in game and traded to players. They will act the same way gold does and you will be able to sell your rare items to players in return for coins which you can redeem for real life money later on!

    We hope you will enjoy this addition to our server and we're excited to see your reactions!
    If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/qCgYa64
    Our Website: https://www.wrath-of-hyperion.com/

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    Do I have to even say it that this sounds like the most obvious and stupid scam to get people's paypal and email data?

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    Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM

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    To do this, I need to have a virtual card? It's just that I've always had problems with it. I couldn't even pay the loan with a credit card online. I didn't understand why the payment didn't go through. All my problems because I solved this issue without the presence of a lawyer. I have often encountered fraud. When I decided to take out a loan for the second time, I turned to a lawyer, who helped with payday loan. It's just that lawyers are well versed in such topics, and their profession is to help people.
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    This is so stupid xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=†Cloud†=- View Post
    This is so stupid xD
    Look at your pathetic server and stop bashing other server threads you little cunt. Your server is pure garbage with zero players online. Instead of bashing, worry about your server

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    Hahaha I think only a teenager could believe such "employment opportunities". How are you going to advertise yourself through all the other apps that pay you for video watching etc.? Have you already measured the time x money a person can make following your scheme? I am just curious don't get me wrong. For teenagers it might be a great possibility, I've done myself a lot of surveys for some cents, but that money was my small achievement. Maybe you just created a service to offer kids the chance to earn some pocket money.
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    Waiting for better proposals.

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    I think that you should re-think your idea for players.

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    WoW I will be rich.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Any new infos?



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