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    Web Developer looking for projects [PAID]

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    Hi, my name is Andrei and i am looking for Web Development projects during this difficult times.

    My full portfolio is present at: https://codiver.ro

    For any project related service, you can contact me with a PM.

    Thank you!
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    Very nice site best of luck!

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    Would advise getting Discord, most people here use either Discord (used to be Skype), so one of the two would do the trick.
    Other than that, are you familiar with FusionGEN framework or any WoW-related CMS? If so I MIGHT have a project we can discuss furthermore.
    Website looks awesome, but as one who has little to no experience in web development, can you implement this "Angular" into an existing website (for example, FusionGEN)?

    I'll leave my Discord here in case you actually do get it: Dandi#2828
    Best of luck with your work!

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    I know how hard it is nowadays to find a job. I was also searching for a similar position, but I searched for 3-4 months. All this job crisis started with this COVID-19 pandemic situation. A lot of people were fired. Anyway, I began to work for marketingconsultant.com.sg. I think that you can apply there. We are searching for a good web developer. I am delighted with the company. I work from home, and I got paid very well. I am specialized in targeting social media platforms. It's good when you find such a job in this pandemic time.
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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    I needed to find a company that develops web and mobile applications, a friend suggested to me the sumatosoft service. They deliver clear business results such as increased profitability, streamlined business processes, new customer acquisition, faster time to market, and more.



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