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    Do you like to travel?

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    Do you like to travel?
    Which countries have you visited?

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    I guess that everyone is into travelling but unfortunately under the pandemic circumstances it is nearly impossible to go abroad. If I had the opportunity to visit any place in the world it would certainly be something exotic like the Antarctica voyage. First of all I have never been there. Moreover, I believe that there are not a lot of people which is a huge advantage taking into account modern circumstances
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    I would really like to visit Brazil, Bali, and Argentina, these are my dream destinations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotern View Post
    I would really like to visit Brazil, Bali, and Argentina, these are my dream destinations
    I've been to Bali before,

    - Very delicious food
    - Very Cheap comparing with other cities
    - If you like nature & peace, you will find it in BALI
    - Weather is normal, it's nor cold or hot

    Better visit Bali between Sep-Feb

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    It feels kinda disappointing to see veterans not knowing about these notorious bots. Or maybe they know but choose to tell their story anyway.

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    I love traveling. That's why I chose the United States as the last country on the list of places I would like to go. When I arrived from Russia to the United States, I did not want to return to the Russian Federation to renew my zagranpassport and tourist visa and turned to this company. Thanks to their help, I was able to stay in the United States during the pandemic.

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    I am passionate about traveling so even the pandemic can't stop me. Unfortunately, I had to cancel a lot of trips due to the lockdown but there are still many good places to visit. In order to strengthen the immune system, I exercise, sleep at least 8 hours, keep a healthy diet, and buy vitamins at Canadian pharmacy. I hope this mess will over soon and I visit all the countries of the world.
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    It’s probably going to take me awhile to feel ready to travel. With the way things are going at this point, I’m thinking my next big trip will probably be in at least a year’s time. I hate to say it but it just doesn’t feel like a priority right now.

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    Super! Thank you for your opinion. But I wouldn't go to Russia.
    I prefer more digitalized countries

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    I love traveling, and I can't wait when the pandemic will be over. It's possible to travel now, but I can't do everything I want during such trips

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    Hi, I travel a lot too, I visit many sites around the world and many of them are dating sites. I still really want to find myself a girlfriend. A lot of people think this is just at click here and I finally decided to give it a try. I hope that my other half is waiting for me

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    I love traveling, I've been to almost all the countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Brazil, Chili, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, South Africa. One week ago i just arrived to Mexico (you can travel here without restrictions ), my plan is to do a trip around Yucatan peninsula. If someone knows the country and has some recommendations, please share.

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    cool! thx for information
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    I can share my experience. I travel a lot for work and often want airline tickets to be cheaper, so book your flights on this service and they will provide you with world-class service. If you want to travel, this is the best way to fly and save money.

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    Oh, I do love traveling. I visited only China recently and Japan. I thought that I would like it, but I actually don't. These countries have a lot of people and feel anxiety about it. This is why my next destination would be with fewer people. I thought of visiting Russia. This country is huge. Thanks to this site I already arranged a visa. Hope everything will work out fine.



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