So I've noticed on the AzerothCore (and presumably on TrinityCore) that the drop rate on some items flagged "Guaranteed to contain an item of value!" do not always contain items of value (or items at all, really).


If you add up the drop rate on the right, it is well under 100%, so I would presume that the drop rates on the container match we we are seeing on the evowow database there, but who's to blame is debatable.

The same item on Classic Retail:

That database does in fact add up to 100% chance of a drop.

I looked for where the container portion of the items are stored, and I found historical data for item_loot_items to fix it, which would be exactly what I'm looking for:

However, it would appear that table was renamed at some point, but I can't seem to track down where. The closest I could find to a trail to follow was this:

To be fair though, I'm a newb with this crap, so I'm sure someone can step in to show me how incompetent I am, preferably with some more breadcumbs to follow here.