I created a VM on my home server to host a 3.3.5 repack for my kids and I to play on and it works great, but I'm trying to add a 7.3.5 server as well. How can I run both from the same VM?

Here's what I've done so far:
1. MySQL set up as a service and all 6 databases installed and configured.
2. 3.3.5 server config files set to use x.x.x.4
3. 7.3.5 server config files set to use x.x.x.5

Both servers work if it's the only one running, but I can't run both at the same time. When I start the 2nd server it closes the world server of the 1st one. The world servers are in different file paths and I even renamed one of them so I have worldserver.exe and SCworldserver.exe.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

- - - Updated - - -

I'm getting somewhere after some more troubleshooting. I think the issue is with a setting somewhere in my StygianCore 3.3.5 repack.
If I start my SPP-Legion server first and then start StygianCore 3.3.5 server there are issues. When worldserver.exe from StygianCore launches it shuts down the worldserver.exe from SPP-Legion.

However, if I start StygianCore 3.3.5 server first and SPP-Legion 2nd. Then everything works. Both worldserver.exe's stay up and I can log in and play on either one.