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    1.12 Spell Editing

    I have been trying to find a fix for this for a while now and can still find no information on it:

    I am basically just trying to edit a few spells for Brotalnia's 1.12 repack. I have edited the spell.dbc using mydbc editor and then pasted this new spell.dbc serverside in the following directory: MaNGOS>data>5875>dbc
    The data folder/directory has five folders which I assume are for the patch progression system Brotalnia has implemented, I wonder if this is the reason? Through process of elimination I assume 5875 is for patch 1.12 and therefore the main patch the repack is using as I have not changed this.

    I have then also pasted the new spell.dbc client side: data>patch-3.MPQ>DBFilesclient

    I have used the method detailed above but the changes have not taken effect in game. Is there something else different I need to do as it is MaNGOS? All I have edited is the rage cost of certain warrior abilities, so surely it is only the spell.dbc I need to edit?

    Any help would be much appreciated,



    Ok update on this for anyone else who comes across this as there seems to be no information on this. Mangos doesn't use the spell.dbc server side so the Spell.dbc only needs to be edited client-side; the server does not use this file. The Spell_template table inside the database needs to also be edited in order to make the change on the server side (using an SQL editor like HeidiSQL).
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