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Thread: C# Wow Launcher

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    Post C# Wow Launcher

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    Hello guys!

    It so happened that it was prepared for a project that never started. So I share it with you.
    This launcher was written by himself using C#.
    This launcher was not stolen, rewritten or anything else like that. It was written from scratch and independently.
    The source code contains both smart solutions and "quick release".

    Go to the functionality:
    • Patching client memory to run
    • Implementation of the configuration system (JSON - custom objects)
    • Implementation of authorization/registration system
    • Updating the interface
    • Update hasher, the settings, utilities, software update.
    • Extension of the functionality of listing servers
    • Implementing native functions
    • Custom system "alerts"
    • API module fixes
    • Code cleaning/refactoring
    • API
    • Multithreading
    • Multilanguage
    • Beautiful design
    • Download news, with support for caching system
    • Custom configuration system, with the possibility of (de-)serialization
    • Support for architectural patterns (Singleton, Facade)
    • Qualitative decomposition and implementation of submodules
    • End-to-end encryption (with my submodule IX.Spider)
    • Native file system modules
    • Caching of work windows
    • Asynchronous operation of critical modules (logging, etc.)
    • Automatic update
    • Smart check of the game client


    I understand that this will be the same in the hands of not very nice people, but I don't care.
    For me it is important that maybe it can be useful to people who have knowledge and understanding of what they do.

    GitHub: https://github.com/ZoondEngine/StdaspPublic
    Full release with other libs: https://github.com/ZoondEngine/Stdas...ases/tag/1.0.0
    Discord: https://discord.gg/NdPeVsg

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    thank you for sharing

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    This is a Legendary Release for the Community! Thank you very much!
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    Cannot be recompiled, missing submodules

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    v nice.
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    how to create build ?* api php no &?



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