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    world of warcraft DBC editing and item specs modification

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    Hi i am a beginner of world of warcraft so i know very little about all those things such a dbc editing and extc.
    because of my lack of knowledge in wow i would like to know step by step how to be able to download all i need from a secure source and how to set up everything .
    So please someone with a lot of patient could help me out????
    So just you to know i already have world of warcraft private server working. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadaDev View Post
    He stated that he already has a private server working.

    OP: The most optimal way of editing dbc files would be with the use of a software called WDBXEditor, which you can download here.
    This piece of software will allow you to quickly navigate through all of your dbc files, it supports all wow builds and it even allows you to export your dbc file into a table in your database or into a csv file, and vice-versa, for easier mass editing.
    You can find the documentation on most of the dbc files here.
    You can also read this tutorial, it lists the absolute basics of wow emulation.

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    By spec modification, you mean creating an item to equip in activated spec or what?

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    and also gain access to other great features.
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