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Thread: Coffee or tea?

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    cofee ofc!

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    I'm a coffee person. Sometimes, I can drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day

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    I like ice coffee

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    I would say coffee for the early morning and green tea before going to bed. And all those times should go with a bar of delicious chocolate. My favorite is mint and orange chocolate from https://chocolateandlove.com/collect...ft-boxes-large. I like ordering gift boxes there for my family, friend and for myself!

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    I drink mint tea lately, and I like it a lot, it helps me relax in fact I also like some good CBD products which help me great with this purpose. What do you think about those, guys? I prefer the stuff I get from Area52, and it really works for me!
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    Tea with milk.

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    I used to drink coffee to get more energy. Recently I was diagnosed with vitamin deficiency which leads to apathy. That's why I started taking vitamins (I buy them at Canadian pharmacy) and 2 weeks after my overall well-being improved. Now I drink green tea only and feeling awesome.
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    ofcause coffee/ its my favorite morning drink

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    Hmm, actually it depends on the mood. Of course, coffee stands on a higher level, but sometimes I crave only green tea with lemon. For me, coffee has a particular spot in my heart. I recently renewed my coffee equipment and machine, and from a recommendation, I chose เครื่องบดกาแฟ. They have high-quality products regarding coffee and a large variety of devices. I also bought a bean grinder and Arabic coffee packages. Till now, I am very gratified with all that I purchased. Maybe I will come later with a review.
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    Depends on the part of the day. One cup of coffee in the morning (maybe another one in an hour) and after tea, tea and tea

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    Cappuccino for me please

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    I am a coffee addict)

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    I can`t wake up without coffee!

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    I'd say tea... but it is strange. Some people claim they wake up more with coffee but I wake up more with tea. I speculate its because coffee makes me feel dehydrated in the morning for work while tea keeps me hydrated and fully active brain wise.



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