Hi there. Let me explain to you what the name of thread means and I'm giving credits to @antz

If you have a server and you want to make any Bosses/NPCs with level more than 70 and it doesn't work?
Then you are thinking about how can you fix it?Well, I hope that this thread could help you.

First of all, you need the source, it won't work with repacks *IMPORTANT*.

1. Open your source and go to .../SRC/GAME/SERVER/SharedDefines.h
1.1 Go to line 2756
1.2 Change the line to
1.3 You are thinking what's this and what are you doing it?
- This will allow the NPCs and Bosses to be in range 1-255 Level.
1.4 Save the file and exit.
1.5 You're done, you need to recompile the source now, how to?
1.6 Create a folder for example "New Mangos"
1.7 Open cmake and navigate from the top menu to your source and build location:
Where is the source code: Browse Source... and link it.
Where to build the binaries: Browse Build... and link it.
1.8 Click on configure and choose the option based on your Visual Studio.
- Visual Studio 2015 - Visual Studio 14 2015
- Visual Studio 2017 - Visual Studio 14 2017
1.9 Click on finish and it will start to configuring
2.0 Click on Generate
2.1 It's done, go to your "New Mangos" directory or whatever you called it.
2.2 Click on MaNGOS and build it, how?
- At the top menu, there's an option called "Build" click on it.
- Then click on "Configuration Manager"
- Active Solution Configuration: Release
- Active Solution Platform: Win32 for example it will build the server for 32 bits then click on "Close"
2.3 Click on "Build">Build Solution
2.5 It will compile it and you'll be ready
2.6 Run the server and enjoy.

Deep Sky.