Sorry for the questions, but here in my school we have a Trinity 3.3.5-Lich King and its pretty stable and low of bugs, but we are tired of the same and we want a new server, just we dont want an unplayeable game because of bugs. We understand a high quality server is not possible or pretty hard to get in any case, but at least a decent one, and then we heard about skyfire and we want to know. Please take in consideration that we will mount our own server locally( no internet access where we are).
I need to know how behaves the skyfire project 4.x,5.x. I mean, Are there serious bugs which have a huge impact in the gameplay???? The classes spells and mechanics work as expected or still there are issues??? Which are the main drawbacks of the repacks? How is the pvp and the pve in general terms????? May I compare Skyfire repack with Trinity 3.3.5 in quality????

Sorry for the lot of questions, I wait answers. Thanks.

Oh and I realized cant access the skyfire project page, it says I have no access, maybe because I live in Cuba.