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    [HELP] CMaNGOS - Classic Spell Editing

    So, whenever I go the official CMaNGOS spell.dbc wiki page, I'm basically provided with obvious DBC column references. However, none of which tells me how to edit how much damage it does, how much mana it costs, etc.? How would I go about editing these?

    I compiled the core myself, so if it has anything to do with core scripts it's fine, please just guide me in the right direction.

    Edit: This issue has been resolved. I used a method in which involved editing the .dbc files directly, and I did endless research to find most of the fields' descriptions that I was searching for. If anyone would like me to show how to do this, post here. I might post a new thread regarding this issue.

    Thank you,
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    A guide would be appreciated. I am trying to use mydbceditor for vanilla.

    So I have tried editing what I have thought to be the correct columns, for example I would like to make Whilwind cost no range. So I have edited column 33 which had a value of 250 it in and changed it to 0. I then save and close the programme but the spells have not changed.

    Is there something I am missing that i need to do to make the changes take effect in game?




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