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    [WTT/WTS] LoL Acc - EUW.

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    Hello AC-web, im looking to sell my league of legends account or trade it for
    csgo skins or a wow account, anyways lets hop onto the topic:

    EU West
    83 summoner icons.
    101 Champions & 76 total skins.
    9 Rune Pages.
    Gold Border from last season.
    - Got free account transfer to North America.

    Season 2: Silver
    Season 3: Gold
    Season 4: Platinum
    Season 5: Gold

    Midnight Ahri
    Unchained Alistar
    Longhorn Alistar
    Almost Prom-King Amumu
    Reverse Annie
    Riot Blitzcrank
    Sheriff Caitlyn
    Nightmare Cho'Gath
    Corporate Dr. Mundo
    TPA Dr. Mundo
    Toxic Dr. Mundo
    Masquerade Evelynn
    Shadow Evelynn
    Frosted Ezreal
    TPA Ezreal
    Spectral Fiddlesticks
    Union Jack Fiddlesticks
    Void Fizz
    Gragas, Esq.
    Mafia Graves
    Arcade Hecarim
    Blast Zone Heimerdinger
    Commando Jarvan
    Temple Jax
    The Mighty Jax
    Debonair Jayce
    Sakura Karma
    Pentakill Karthus
    Unmasked Kayle
    Battleborn Kayle
    Mecha Kha'Zix
    Jurassic Kog'Maw
    Traditional Lee Sin
    Muay Thai Lee Sin
    Dragon Fist Lee Sin
    Pool Party Lee sin
    Acolyte Lee Sin
    SKT Lee Sin
    Defender Leona
    Hired Gun Lucian
    Wicked Lulu
    Sorceress Lux
    Shamrock Malphite
    Chosen Master Yi
    Blade Mistress Morgana
    River Spirit Nami
    Abyssal Nautilus
    Headhunter Nidalee
    Haunting Nocturne
    Demolisher Nunu
    Winter Wonder Orianna
    Sewn Chaos Orianna
    Dragonslayer Pantheon
    Battle Regalia Poppy
    Full Metal Rammus
    Headhunter Rengar
    Battle Bunny Riven
    Ice Drake Shyvana
    Victorious Sivir
    Dryad Soraka
    Bloodstone Taric
    Deep Terror Thresh
    Blood Moon Thresh
    Riot Girl Tristana
    Traditional Trundle
    Lil Slugger Trundle
    King Tryndamere
    Sultan Tryndamere
    Underworld Twisted Fate
    Spirit Guard Udyr
    Aristocrat Vayne
    Leprechaun Veigar
    Neon Strike Vi
    PROJECT: Yasuo
    Shockblade Zed
    Old Saint Zilean

    Are you interested? Please lend me a PM here or my skype: markus.rudqvist

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    Aint worth much ^^ gl selling tho



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