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    We have noticed for some time that a lot of users have been starting hosting "companies", and closing down within the first few weeks. So effective immediately these new guidelines below will take effect.

    • All new "companies" are required to provide proof of software licenses within the first week.
    • All users are required to have the member title or above to post a thread inside the Host Listing section.
    • All users are only allowed one thread per "company"
    • All "companies" posted in the host listing sections must have a premium domain tld(.com, .org, etc)
    • All "companies" are required to post the link to their website inside their thread.


    Q: How do I submit proof of proper software licensing?
    A: I(PrivateDonut) will contact each users who currently has an active host listing thread or future users who wish to post a host listing thread.

    Q: I'm looking to sell a single dedicated and or VPS server, can I post this inside the "host listing" section?
    A: No you may not, if you are only selling a single server, that should be posted inside the marketplace which you can find by following this link.

    Q: I'm looking to post a host listing for my "company", but I do not have the proper software licensing. Can I still post my host listing?
    A: No you may not, all companies are now required to provide proof of proper licensing for all the paid software they are using.

    Q: Why were my threads closed and or deleted?
    A: Your thread was closed and or deleted for either of the following reasons: 1. You did not follow the new guidelines. 2. Your website has been offline longer than a weeks period.

    The staff of ac-web holds the right to remove any thread that does not follow these guidelines, without any type of warning. These guidelines are liable to change without any prior notice and take effect immediately.
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