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    Cool [Tutorial] How to Add or Change the Loading Screens

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    How to Add or Change the Loading Screens

    Programs Required
    BLPConverter (BLP2PNG.exe)
    Some good photo editing software (MUST SUPPORT TRANSPARENT)
    Any DBC opening software

    Loading Screen Starter Kit: Download


    I'll show you step by step on how to create or change a world of warcraft loading screen.
    I'll use GIMP as my photo software
    I'll use MyDbcEditor as my DBC software
    I'll use Mall.blp as an example

    How to add a custom loading screen to your noggit map

    First, we gotta create one!

    0. Download the Loading Screen Starter Kit above
    1. Unzip and open the LoadingScreenTemplate.png
    2. Open it up and change it a little

    3. Save it and convert it to a .blp file by draging it onto the BLP2PNG.exe
    4. Open the Patch-S with the MPQEditor
    5. Put the .blp file into the Interface/Glues/LoadingScreens/
    6. Go to DBFilesClient/
    7. Open up the Map.dbc with the DBC program and go to the map you want to add a loading screen to
    8. Change the row 58 as in the picture below to 255

    9. Save it
    10. Open up the LoadingScreens.dbc
    11. Click on Edit at the top and then Insert Line...
    12. The first row dosen't matter but enter the direction to your .blp file you made

    If you want to change an already existence one

    1. Open Map.dbc and look for a map you want to edit and check the number at row 58.
    2. Open LoadingScreens.dbc and edit the .blp file on the line that it says in Map.dbc ^

    It should look something like this in the end

    Like it?
    Want more?
    Tell me


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    cool stuff. very helpfull. +rep 10/10, See you in heaven

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    Nice +rep

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    What's location?
    This is indeed a nice tutorial

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    anyone have the loading screen starter kit the link is dead?

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    Thank you for sharing this useful tutorial

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    Nice tutorial ! I will try one day !

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