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    5.4.7 private server setup

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    Hello, I am new to this. I have the WoW game client files for 5.4.7. Is there a way I can set up a private server with them without downloading tons of files? I don't have good internet (which is why I want a private server) and so anything over 100 MB would be too much to download.

    Sorry for the noob question.

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    Sorry, but anything that is WOTLK through MOP will be 100 Mb's and over. You could down patch and make a TBC or vanilla server though! Hope everything works out.

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    Thanks for replying Treesftw. Since I am so new to this, I don't know how to do either of the things you mentioned above.

    How can I down patch to TBC? How would I set up a TBC server without downloading more than 100 MB? If you could link the appropriate tutorials here that would be awesome. I have been searching these forums but haven't found clear instructions.

    Thank you!

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    Of course, so to play on TBC again you have to download the game client. http://************.se/torrent/97447...ade_2.4.3_%5BB
    Then you have to download the repack to host a server. Here is the 2.4.3 server. http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/worl...-3-krisbg.html
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

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    AshamaneCore Contributer

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    Vanilla - 20-40 MB (Not including Vmaps or maps)
    TBC - 59 - 80MB (Not including Vmaps or maps)
    Wotlk - 100-120MB (Not including Vmaps or maps)
    Cata - 204 -240MB (Not including Vmaps or maps)
    Mop - 300 - 342MB (Not including Vmaps or maps)
    Theses are based on my fresh compiled Cores

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    Looks interesting ;-)



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