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    in the bots.cfg you can set the min/max ai bots there. however seems to have issues spawning the amount you specify. I think it creates so many accounts and then adds multiple bots to the account so they can't all spawn in. (see my comment right above yours).

    Its pretty cool but ended up going to Warmane again. but still keep it running to run through dungeons in solocraft so i can remember them before going into RDF on warmane.

    Also, i couldn't get it to work with RDF not sure why. A couple would confirm but a couple wouldn't and it would time out... kinda like live i suppose lol... but it was repeatedly. I plan on coming back to this next time i get time but... who has that in these days :-)

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    I need your help to start the server

    Hi guys, I need your help to start the server. I have SppLauncher.exe and the window opened. Then I went to server and start. The program is stuck on realm and when I restart the program I get an error message with login.exe system error. MSVCR110.dll not found. I just can't get any further. I hope you can help me. thank you

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    Hello guys, could someone please reupload the latest files? Thanks!

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    Я не жалею, что Conan513Gm ушёл. Слабым тут не место. Побеждает сильнейший.
    I have no regrets that Conan513Gm left. There is no place for the weak. The strongest wins.

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    So, for you the Legion v2 is a poor/weak project? aaaaaah Remmy Remmy Remmy......

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    Кто и когда? Последним получал сообщение от Сonan513gm? Возможно его достал, злой рок судьбы? Он заболел и умер! О, нет скажите, что я ошибся!!!
    Who and when? Was the last one to receive a message from Сonan513gm? Perhaps he got it, the evil fate of fate? He fell ill and died! Oh no tell me I was wrong!!!

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    What a hell you wrote Remmy? Vodka night maybe? And you don t call me for vodka party? I want vomit my soul three times. Conan left this dying forum yes but he don't walk in the path of the void, timebreak for organize ideas e recharge the will but not the void path. Legion v2 is a fucking great repack with good scripts and great staff, really great work an totally free. He only leave from this forum, he made the right choice.

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    Would you guys just give it a rest and go back to your projects? If you guys are here to just sit and bitch all day and act like children. Then whynot take this over DM? (Direct-Message).

    All in all, where is the gain for continously fighting eachother? From a players perspective your stuff is equally shit. From a developer perspective. I'm glad to see improvements on both projects. You guys are tiny teams compared to lets say Blizzard or whatsoever. Yet you guys are fuel'd with energy to continue going. Use this energy efficiently on working and doing what you love instead of sitting here and throwing a ping pong ball back and forth to eachother.

    and if you are scared of your stuff being "stolen" or "leaked" or even "sold" then. Yikes yeah it sucks that it happens. But guess what? It happens, Improve your method of distributing your changes. Naming and Shaming gets you nowhere. Create a better system, because your current one is obviously not good enough.

    Regardles, have fun and best of luck on your adventures. You choose what you wanna do with your life and your creations and actions. Be creative and efficient or continue being little kids and go on with your daily business as you currently do.

    (This is not directed to anyone specific but towards the entire situation and drama around all these "repack" projects)
    Last edited by OMGhixD; 01-21-2021 at 10:51 AM.

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    Чтобы, что то изменить мне нужен Darking. А он обиделся на меня и плачет в подушку.
    To change something, I need Darking. And he took offense at me and cries into his pillow.

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    No one cares. Take it like a man or take offense of it. You decide yourself what you wish to do with whatever happened.

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    Can someone help me?
    I'm searching for a certain conan513gm post.
    In it is a repack which has to be used under a virtual machine because it's based on Linux.
    Can someone help me find this post? Seems I can't find it, maybe someone know which post this is.
    I need the name and password to startup Linux, and how to start the repack in it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Registered members see less ads
    and also gain access to other great features.
    it happen .... i got it installed ... i use this from long time ,but no way to set my self edit it,all times i trie to ,happen that something is not there , or just i got not enough experience hahaha



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